Sunday, October 7, 2007

This week hurt

This was a tough week for most of us, but Roy stepped up and was the biggest loser with a loss of 2.4 lbs! Great work, Roy Boy! Collectively we gained 3.8 lbs this week, which is our worst week so far. With the arrival of the cold weather it is indeed more difficult to keep disciplined.

Here's a suggestion: Try journaling what you eat and your workouts. That way you can reflect on what you ate and perhaps figure out what is hampering your weight loss. I know what my problem is...eating out! I hate having to write down that I ate a Royal Red Robin burger and a margarita. Eating out is the bane of my dieting existence. But I at least know what I need to fix.

FYI: I emailed everyone their 5-week snapshots. We've all lost weight, which is outstanding! There are many more weeks to go so there are plenty of more pounds to lose. To help build my motivation, I just have to think about wearing a bathing suit. What's your motivation?


Laura said...

Hey Aly! Your other blog never lets me comment so I thought I'd say hi on here :) Your family weight loss plan sounds so motivating! When are you going to Hawaii?

Debow Family said...

Thanks, Laura! We are all going to Maui in March. Even the grandkids are going - it should be a blast!