Monday, October 15, 2007

Notification system

FYI MWC Participants: In case you forget to check the MWC blog, James created a mailing list that will notify you when someone posts to the blog. We'll see if the mailing list actually works; this will be our first test. Thanks for the idea, Jimmy!

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Roy said...

Good job everyone! We are losing more weight than the teams on that Biggest Loser show, and their entire life revolves around losing weight! One of the most important parts to this whole thing, in my opinion, is setting goals. Every week Jillian and I set a goal. This past week I didn't meet my goal, but still lost and Jill didn't meet her's the week prior, but didn't gain either. Other than that we've met our goals. Having goals creates self discipline, so when we feel like not working out or just having one more helping, with our goals in mind it's easier to do the right thing. Small goals work great. If someone lost 2 lbs a week between now and March, that would be a significant weight and I think everyone would be happy. 2 lbs isn't a lot, maybe just a change in eating habits our taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I know we can continue do great, biggest everyone's biggest goal here should be a healthier longer life. We as a whole have a pretty damn amazing family and I for one want to be around for as long as possible to enjoy it! Oh yeah, James crystal meth is not a safe weight loss method! Hope everyone is having a good week!