Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't forget, our journey begins tomorrow

MWC Participants: Please remember to weigh in tomorrow. I'll be sending out a reminder text just in case you forget. Once you have your weight, text it to me and I'll get our weight tracker started. The weight tracker is strictly confidential, so no worries!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Entries submitted = $200 grand prize

The Teeter clan spent their last weekend before the beginning of the MWC gobbling down delicious desserts, grilled meats and casseroles at the Christensen Family Reunion (at least I did). I justify that sort of gluttony because it's not very often you have the opportunity to taste such delicious cooking! Grandma Teeter's pineapple coconut cake was to die for. But it's time to get focused because the weightloss challenge will soon begin.

Everyone submitted their entry fees this weekend and the grand total of entries is $200! Next Saturday will be the first weigh-in day. Please email me the weights by the end of the weekend (or write them down and email them as soon as you can - I know most of you aren't on the web as often as James or I). I will be the only person viewing your weight and it will be strictly confidential! I will only post the weight loss winner for the week and the ongoing standings. Please see the contest rules for more information.

Good luck everyone, and be sure to check in with the blog on a regular basis!

Monday, August 20, 2007

the looming doping scandal

I saw this on SNL a few years ago:

Jimmy Tango's Fat Busters
I lost 155 pounds in less than three weeks! How did I lose all that gross fat? By combining the miracle of technology with ordinary street junkies! Producing this: Jimmy Tango's Fat Busters! It's this simple: wear my patented vibrating heat-bead suit, then jam an unbelievable amount of pure, raw crystal meth into your system! You might ask, "Isn't crystal meth illegal?" You bet! But my scientist, Dr. Cody, spends his days in a tin shed deep inside a small canyon outside San Bernadino, constantly altering the scientific formula of a bathtub crank that keeps us one step ahead the law, and keeps you one step ahead of the fat farm! Fatties, here's my promise: wear my vibrating heat beads, while blasting down handfuls of crrystal meth, and you'll drop weight so fast you'll lose your mind!

I know we're all fiercely competitive losers, but let's not forget that in this competition there are rules. Rules that are not meant to be broken. Let's not soil this competition with ugly rumors about using unapproved FDA dietary supplements.

We want lean, fit bodies -- but not covered in open sores, walking slack-jawed into the sun with loose or missing teeth.

So I beg you, hear me: Avoid the siren call of crack-cocaine use, avoid that cheap meth you can find so easily in Washington. It's not fair to the other competitors who just use a cocktail of black market ephedrine.

Sk* Digg for women

Ladies: If you are perusing the Internet and don't have anything specific to read, go to Sk*rt. Included on the site is a "Mind, Body & Spirit" section that has some helpful weightloss and fitness advice. Check it out!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Old fitness guru still going strong

I read this article in the newspaper today. In it Jack LaLanne gives some great fitness/weightloss advice. If this 94-year-old can do it, why can't the Teeters?

Working out with fitness legend Jack LaLanne
By Mike Cassidy
San Jose Mercury News

Work out with Jack LaLanne?

Sure. How hard could it be? What is he, about 180 years old?

So there I was outside San Jose's Fairmont Hotel at the crack of dawn Thursday, approaching a short man in a chair who was watching the crowd gather for a community exercise class led by the legendary fitness guru himself.

Yes, the Jack LaLanne. The godfather of fitness. The man whose "The Jack LaLanne Show" brought regular workouts to living rooms nationwide from 1951 to 1984. The man we have to blame for all this healthy living.

I stroll over and start to introduce myself.

"Shut up," he barks. "No autographs. Well, except yours. Say, you look pretty good. Can I have your number?"

For a minute I'm trying to remember whether I've come to see Jack LaLanne or Robin Williams. But I learn a lot from LaLanne - quick.

First, he's 92, not 180. And this guy could bench-press me. With one hand. Turns out I'm the proverbial 98-pound weakling, facing down the 92-year-old he-man.

Jack LaLanne is a force of nature, a physical dynamo, a comic, a cut-up, a guy who has so many bromides that it seems he's rattling them off rapid-fire to make sure he doesn't run out of time before he gets to them all.

The reason Americans are obese? "They're exceeding the eat limit." Why avoid sweets? "Ten minutes on the lips; a lifetime on the hips."

LaLanne is in town to promote the U.S. gymnastics national championship at HP Pavilion this weekend. He's also here to promote fitness. And, well, himself.

"I'm a salesman," says LaLanne, decked out in a blue track suit. "I get them laughing. I get them crying."

I tell LaLanne I've come to work out with him and interview him. Silly me. You don't interview Jack LaLanne. You stand back and listen.

You've got to exercise, he says. Vigorously.

"You can't just be sitting on your big, fat butt and watching TV," he says.

My big, fat butt? And suddenly I wonder whether he notices the doughnut crumbs stuck to my sweat shirt. I ask him what it is with exercise people. Why do they have to exercise so freaking early in the morning?

You're too tired at the end of the day, LaLanne says. Besides, it's good for you. "To leave a hot bed, to leave a hot woman and go into a cold gym," he says, "man, that takes discipline."

There's got to be an easier way, right? Some magic fitness pill?

"You know what the magic pill is, baby? Having goals."

His goal, even since before he opened his first health club in Oakland in the 1930s, was to help people. Sure, along the way he built a lucrative empire of gyms, juicers and videos. But that wasn't the goal. That all happened because of the goal.

"Let me see you get on the floor and do push-ups until you die," LaLanne erupts.

"Where's the fun in that?" I ask. I figure it must be the doughnut crumbs. But no, he's making a point. Exercise won't kill you. Your body knows when to stop. So do what you can.

Eventually, LaLanne takes the stage to fire up the crowd of about 80 early-morning fitness freaks in the Circle of Palms downtown. One thing I notice: LaLanne's buff assistants actually do the working out. LaLanne does a lot of encouraging - "Let me see you squat. Drop your butt down. Way down." - but he doesn't do any exercising. Could that be his secret?

No such luck. He tells me he put in 45 minutes in his hotel room before the 6:30 a.m. event. In fact, LaLanne, who now lives in Morro Bay, says he works out seven days a week. He never drinks coffee or eats anything "that comes from a cow or a pig."

So I ask whether it might be better to live 50 years of a wild life than 100 years of a disciplined one.

Not a chance, LaLanne says. Life is what it's all about. And he's more than willing to do the work to make his an incredibly long one.

"Man ought to live to be 120," he says.

Well, I don't know about me. But I do know one guy who's got a chance.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thanks mom!

Thanks for contributing your first blog post, mom! I believe that the more we participate and stay engaged with how we're all doing in the competition, the better off we'll be in the end.

In regards to your question about Dad's lunches, I left you a comment with some suggestions. I think the secret to having Dad eat healthier lunches is to provide him with filling, yet healthy, food. I heard at Weight Watchers that the heavier the food (in terms of weight), the more full you'll feel. I think apples and grapes are good lunch foods. I'd also try to find a bread that is hearty and low in calories.

Let us know how eDiets goes for you. I'm really curious to see how it works!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Am I the first blogger??

Hello everyone! I wanted to share that I went shopping last night and tried to make good food choices. It was easy for me, but harder to figure out what to get Keith for his lunches. Any ideas on that please share. I tried the new Lean Cuisine Panini sandwich. It was very tasty and was 6 pts. on weight watchers according to the package.

Starting to get geared up for this. Good luck to everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Useful website and added links

I'm so excited about this competition that I can't stop thinking of new ways to update this blog and make it useful for our weight loss challenge. I added all of the Teeter Gmail-users as blog authors, so they can also make changes to the site and add information.

James posted this website on his Gtalk status yesterday. You'll find that the even though the site is aimed at 'geeks' the information is simple and useful for anyone. Check it out!

I also put up some more links on the sidebar. I'd like to make this blog a one-stop-shop for us Teeters to keep up on our weight loss progress. Feel free to add your own health links or shoot me an email with the link you'd like to add.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

A new mission for the Teeters

The Maui Weightloss Competition was created today. From now until March, this blog will be devoted to the competition amongst the Teeters to shape up of for their family vacation to Maui.
Here are the rules that have been devised thus far:
  1. Competition begins September 1 and ends March 8.
  2. Competition habits should be adapted into your lifestyle after the competition ends.
  3. Winner will be selected based upon greatest body percentage loss.
  4. Winner will receive a Hilo Hattie giftcard purchased from the entry fee proceeds.
  5. Each participant will pay a $20 entry fee. Fees will be collected during the Family Reunion weekend (Aug 25).
  6. Weigh-ins will occur every Saturday morning on the same weight scale.
  7. Weight Watchers meetings are allowed and encouraged as a weigh-in option.
  8. Participants will submit results to Aly every week. Weekly tallies will be posted on the blog (pounds lost or gained). A running tally will also be updated.
  9. Tips, comments, and questions can be posted by all participants on the blog. You must have a Gmail account to post/comment on posts.
  10. Encourage your fellow competitors - it's all about improving our health and well-being!
Additional information will be forthcoming. Stay tuned and get ready to shape up!