Sunday, August 12, 2007

A new mission for the Teeters

The Maui Weightloss Competition was created today. From now until March, this blog will be devoted to the competition amongst the Teeters to shape up of for their family vacation to Maui.
Here are the rules that have been devised thus far:
  1. Competition begins September 1 and ends March 8.
  2. Competition habits should be adapted into your lifestyle after the competition ends.
  3. Winner will be selected based upon greatest body percentage loss.
  4. Winner will receive a Hilo Hattie giftcard purchased from the entry fee proceeds.
  5. Each participant will pay a $20 entry fee. Fees will be collected during the Family Reunion weekend (Aug 25).
  6. Weigh-ins will occur every Saturday morning on the same weight scale.
  7. Weight Watchers meetings are allowed and encouraged as a weigh-in option.
  8. Participants will submit results to Aly every week. Weekly tallies will be posted on the blog (pounds lost or gained). A running tally will also be updated.
  9. Tips, comments, and questions can be posted by all participants on the blog. You must have a Gmail account to post/comment on posts.
  10. Encourage your fellow competitors - it's all about improving our health and well-being!
Additional information will be forthcoming. Stay tuned and get ready to shape up!

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