Sunday, September 16, 2007

And the biggest loser this week is....(drumroll)

JAMES, with a weight loss of four pounds! Great job James! Don't ask him for any weight loss advice because he's got secret metabolic powers the rest of us lack. This week we all lost 15.2 pounds; let's try to amp things up next week!

I also want to take this opportunity to explain the ranking system. Instead of posting an overall ranking, I thought it would be more exciting to list the weekly weight-loss ranking. If you follow the rankings closely week-to-week you may have a good idea of who is in the lead. But the possibility exists that the overall winner will never actually achieve the top ranking for any week. Interesting, eh?

Keep up the good work everyone! We still haven't had any weight gainers, which is really remarkable. If you get in to a healthy routine, you should be able to lose bit by bit each week. Just imagine, one pound lost a week equals 27 pounds!

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