Sunday, December 30, 2007

Overall gain, but that's ok

So, we've jumped our biggest hurdle - Christmas. We skipped weighing in last week so this week's ranking covers the last two weeks. Overall we gained 6.1 pounds, but that's because a couple of us didn't do so well and gained more than a few pounds (includes me). I'm ok with that, because I know that March is right around the corner and now is 'go time. '

A few of us already got a jump start from the holidays by losing weight. One of those jump-starters was our biggest loser for the last two weeks - Papa Teeter, with a loss of four pounds! Incredible job, dad. :)

January is the best time to lose weight because we're using our New Years Resolutions as motivation. Most folks give up after a few weeks - but the MWC'rs must not! Set your weightloss goal for the next two months and keep your eye on the prize.

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