Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aly can't add or subtract

Happy holidays, MWC'ers! Everyone should have received their 15-week weightloss snapshots today. If you looked at it and scratched your head, I don't blame you. I just figured out that I didn't enter in the numbers correctly in my spreadsheet. I inserted formulas for some of the calculations but there are others that I do myself. I apologize if I was off on your weightloss totals.

This week was a better week for us all. We collectively lost eight pounds, and K.C. was the biggest loser with a loss of four pounds! Wowza! I guess his NCO military training academy is paying off in a big way. Great job, K.C.!

We only have a little over two weeks left until New Years, thank goodness. To help alleviate my indulgence guilt, I plan to work out every day this week. This will give me the freedom to eat a bit more during the holidays. If you have the time, I suggest you do the same. God speed everyone!

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