Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A trip to little 'ole Murten

Before we departed the States, a fellow BIAC rower recommended I join the American Women's Club in Zurich. (She had lived in Switzerland for a short time.) I thought that was a fine idea being that I'd be unemployed and in need of activities to occupy my time while James is at work. I emailed the club and was soon in touch with the club's Welcome Chair.

A couple days after we landed, the Welcome Chair encouraged me to stop by the AWCZ clubhouse and get oriented with the club. Luckily the club is right down the street from our apartment so I ventured on over. Not only did I get an awesome orientation to the club's facilities, but I also was invited to play Bunko! The week before I had played Bunko with my mom's group, so I was able to jump right in. During the course of the game, I found out that the club had a day-trip excursion planned the next day. They were going to Murten.

Where is Murten, you ask? I really didn't have a clue, but I immediately signed up.

The next day a handful of the club members and I jumped on a chartered bus and traveled clear across Switzerland, which only took 1.5 hours. Murten is located in the Friborg Canton on the French side of the country.

During the course of the trip, we received a guided tour through the town. The guide was a college gal who grew up in Murten.

After the tour, we had a tasty/fancy/long lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the lake. I have a feeling that a bulk of the tour cost went towards lunch -- eating out in Switzerland is spendy!

We wandered down to the water after lunch and went on a tour boat. There wasn't much to see during the boat ride, but it was super relaxing (and wine was provided). Did you know the chocolate AND wine are cheap in Switzerland? Hallelujah!

And that was my first excursion outside Zurich. My photos from the trip are posted here.

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chris said...

Aly, wonderful description.....love the pictures!!