Monday, February 22, 2010

Balloon: 1, Femur: 0

An update from Roy about Rylan's status:

On Saturday night at the end of Jillian's little surprise birthday party Rylan tried to pop a balloon by jumping on it. Unfortunately the balloon won and Rylan ended up with a fractured left femur. (Happy birthday Jill, LOL) He was transported to Tripler Army Medical Center by ambulance. Sunday morning about 8:45 am, he was sedated and had his bone reset, thankfully without them having to cut into his leg. The resetting and casting took close to 2 hours, but all the doctors said it went great. He is in a dark blue/light blue cast from his nipples to his right knee and down to his left ankle. He will be in this cast for about 6-8 weeks, then depending on x-rays will hopefully be done with casts. He is in a really good mood, and appears to have very little discomfort from his leg. Seems the IV and such bothered him more than anything. He's been super lovey and pretty much is normal self, other than being immobile. We came home this morning around noon and he is now the king of the couch and guest bed.... I have a feeling the hard part has just begun since he's such an active little guy and will now be confined to the couch, bed, and wheel chair. Please pray for our family over the next few weeks as I'm sure this will be a very exhausting process to get him fully recovered. Also please pray that he recovers fully with no lasting effects.

Despite the general perception of military hospitals, we are very satisfied with the treatment he received during his day and a half stay. Everyone did a great job and made the incident as comfortable as possible given the magnitude of the injury. There are pics on my MySpace and Jillian's Facebook. Again thanks to those of you that physically supported us, as well as to those of you who mentally and spiritually supported us!

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